Jonathan Adler’s Designer Digital Photo Frame is Picture Perfect

The designer has joined forces with Aura for a special edition smart digital photo frame.

Slowly but surely, everything around the house is getting smart! Even the humble photo frame is getting a brain boost — and why not? If we’re going to take loads of pictures with our smartphones, we might as well show them off, and getting a smart photo frame that can cycle through those pictures automatically is a lot easier than printing them out and rotating those photos by hand!

Aura’s smart photo frames have been on the market for a few months now, and they’re some of the brainiest of the bunch. Like any digital photo frame, you can display photos from your phone on the frame using a companion app and can tell the frame to move from photo to photo automatically. It’s great for families, and especially for extended families — you can give one to the grandparents, then upload new family photos to their frame remotely.

Aura goes a bit further than the basics. The frame can dim itself automatically depending on the time of day, and will even turn itself off when there are no lights on in the room to save power. But, the coolest part is how you don’t even need to set up new albums just for the frame. You can just sync the frame up to your phone’s photo gallery — the frame will only display clear, high-resolution shots, ignoring any duplicates or photos that didn’t come out looking great. It’s even programmed to screen out more risque photos, so you shouldn’t need to worry about that particularly horrifying hypothetical. If the frame does shift to a photo you don’t like, you can quickly pass on to the next just by waving your hand in front of the frame.

But, now Aura wants their frames to look just as the photos they display. They’ve brought on Jonathan Adler to be their creative director for the year to come, and they’ve already gotten one new design out of the partnership. The Jonathan Adler-designed frame is a deep blue the slides into a lighter blue to frame and highlight the photo within. The gold trim gives the frame a little pop for a pretty impressive package!

Aura says two frames are ready to go, but they’re only showing off this one for now. The debut Jonathan Adler frame will be available online and in stores in October for $400 — that’s the same price as Aura’s regular frames, so there’s no designer tax on this one. Still, pretty expensive all the same!

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