KnowRoaming Adds 4G LTE Coverage to Their International Data Service

One of our favorite choice for getting data while traveling just rolled out 4G LTE service in quite a few countries.

Finally planning on doing that months-long country hopping trip that’s been in your head for years? Doing that and staying connected is a lot easier than it used to be — quite a few businesses have been created to break down data borders. KnowRoaming is one we’re personally fond of — instead of having to use a new SIM card, you get a SIM sticker that goes over your existing card. You get to use a U.S. number, and you get to cross borders without having to worry about getting new data service. Pretty sweet!

The not-so-sweet part was that data was limited to 3G speeds, which are pretty slow when faced with the websites and video of 2017! That’s changing this month, as KnowRoaming is finally ready to introduce 4G LTE coverage. They’re starting with 60 countries that you can find listed on their website — they mostly cover Europe and Asia, but the United States and Australia are good to go, too. As always, speeds and availability will depend on where you are in each country and which local carriers KnowRoaming has partnered with.

4G LTE aside, KnowRoaming works in nearly every country on Earth. They’re still offering unlimited data for $7.99 per day — super expensive, but it is pretty convenient. You do have the option of paying per MB, too, if you think you’ll only need data to send emails. You can also stay in touch using WhatsApp — since last year, KnowRoaming hasn’t charged for data used to send WhatsApp messages (that doesn’t apply to calls made using WhatsApp, though).

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