Lego is Releasing 5 Awesome New Lego City Sets to Celebrate National Coast Guard Day

The new Lego sets include all kinds of cool rescue transport sets to commemorate 227 years of the Coast Guard.

Today is National Coast Guard Day, and unlike way too many national days that have been invented in the past few years, there’s good reason for that. 227 years ago today, the Coast Guard was founded by Broadway star Alexander Hamilton, and it’s been watching over the seas ever since. This year’s celebration brings particularly good news for anyone worried about the safety of their ocean-going Lego citizens — Lego has released five new Lego City sets based on the Coast Guard!

The coolest one has got to be the Coast Guard Head Quarters set, which includes really detailed models of a Coast Guard ship and speedboat, along with a mini helicopter and, you know, the headquarters itself. The ships, like all good Lego ships I remember, actually do float, and the Coast Guard ship includes a deck you can open up and a bunch of search and rescue accessories.

The other sets include a rescue chopper, a 4 x 4 with an inflatable rescue boat, a seaplane, and maybe the low-key best set — a collection of a Coast Guard officer, a surfer, and a lifeguard chair, and a shark.

There are tons of minifigures and accessories, too — there’s even a rad Lego octopus in there! The whole collection is available now, with prices ranging from $10 to $120.

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