NBC is Now Rebooting the Munsters, That One Monster Show from the ’60s

NBC has started development of a reboot of the half-hour comedy.

The ride never ends. Reboot mania cannot and will not be stopped. NBC, possibly disappointed that they’re having a hard time making it the ’90s again, is now turning back the clock even further — they’ve approved development of another attempt at a reboot of The Munsters, the half hour comedy about a family of monsters in the big city. The one from the ’60s.

The big city will be New York (Brooklyn, specifically) this time, instead of the fictional Mockingbird Heights, which was a stand-in for a Los Angeles suburb. Per an exclusive report from Deadline, the reboot “follows members of an offbeat family who are determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in hipster Brooklyn.” The only question is whether there will be a gentrification episode, or if the whole thing is just going to be about gentrification.

Either way, it’ll still be more lighthearted than the last time NBC tried to dig up Herman and Lily. Bryan Fuller tried to develop a reboot series earlier in the decade for NBC, which turned into an hour-long drama called Mockingbird Lane. The pilot ended up as a Halloween special in 2012, and the series was never developed past that — maybe because no one nostalgic for The Munsters associated it with high drama, or maybe because it was a lighthearted children’s show. No one wants to see Big Bird and Elmo taking on the mean Sesame Streets, either. Well, alright, I could be wrong there.

The Munsters originally aired on CBS, but NBC came up on the rights somewhere along the way. The new comedy series is being developed by Seth Meyers and Jill Kargman, the latter of whom will write the script. Who will be diving under the makeup to become the Munsters themselves? Will the new Munstermobiles be fire? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Via Deadline