Netflix Releases Trailer for Sci-Fi Original What Happened to Monday, and It’s Kinda Like Orphan Black

Noomi Rapace gets tasked with playing seven identical sisters in the movie Netflix picked up from an international film festival.

Most everyone’s Netflix attention is turned toward Marvel’s The Defenders this month, but there’s quite a bit else coming to Netflix this month to enjoy. One movie with a lot of potential is What Happened to Monday, a movie that Netflix bought up after its showing at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie stars Noomi Rapace as seven identical sisters born in a bad time for septuplets — the not-too-distant future of the movie is overpopulated, a problem addressed with a harsh worldwide one-child policy.

There had been a theatrical trailer floating around, but now Netflix has put together their own ahead of the upload date on August 18. The trailer hits the same beats as the older one. We’re talking sisters instead of clones, but it looks like the approach is similar to that of Orphan Black — Rapace plays all seven sisters, who have their own tastes in hair and clothes. They also share a fun naming convention — they’re all named after days of the week, with each sister’s name the only day of the week they can go outside. The sisters share one public name to hide from the one-child enforcers.

The title tells you all you need to know about what sets events into motion. Monday goes missing, and that sends her sisters and their grandfather (Willem Dafoe, who probably isn’t a villain this time) scrambling to find her before their secret gets out.

Appropriately enough, What Happened to Monday comes out a week after the final episode of Orphan Black airs, so you can look at this as a way to defer withdrawals for just a bit longer. After this, though, we don’t know what to tell you! It’s going to be hard for us, too. In the meantime, you can peep the poster Netflix has created for the movie below.

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