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Once Upon a Time Gets its Own Shoe Collection at Hot Topic

The four pairs of shoes are based on the fashion sensibilities of Emma, Snow White, Regina, and Hook.

Bummed about half the main cast departing Once Upon a Time next season? Losing Emma and Snow White is less than magical, but Hot Topic has a pretty decent consolation prize — shoes! The mall retailer has four pairs of shoes based on fashion from the show, and if you’re a fan of both the show and boots, you need to check them out.

Two pairs are based on the departing Emma and Snow White. Emma gets some killer jet black combat boots with a quilted exterior near the heel, while Snow White gets a pair of tan faux-leather knee-high laced boots. Those boots have an apple and arrow print on the inside, too, which I guess is the fantasy equivalent of red soles under the Louboutins.

But, not everyone’s leaving the show! Regina and Hook will still be around, and they’re getting their own shoes, too. The Hook shoes are heeled boots based on his leather jacket, and include gold-colored buttons with hooks on them, looking like coins a pirate probably would have stashed away somewhere. Regina goes her own way — she gets a pair of wild heels that look like rising black fire. They’re also adorned with rhinestones, RIP Glen Campbell.

All four pairs are on sale at Hot Topic now. Most of them are around $50, but the Snow White lace-up boots are a little over $60. Hey, those require a lot more material!

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