Obi-Wan Kenobi Might Get His Own Star Wars Film

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the film may already have its director.

It wasn’t long after Disney bought Lucasfilm that they announced their plans to revive the franchise with a new trilogy and three movies that would serve as self-contained side stories. Of course, we’re guessing those six movies aren’t going to be the end of it, but you can think of that as phase one of the new Star Wars. We knew the new trilogy was going to follow the Skywalker saga, we already saw the excellent Rogue One, and we know that the as yet untitled young Han Solo movie, mired in production problems and all, will arrive in theaters next year. Today, we might just have learned about that mysterious movie number six — according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’ll be a film about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The film should come out in May 2020 if Disney hews to its current Star Wars release schedule (the Star Wars movies will come out in May instead of December starting with the Han Solo film). The report says that it’s not yet known what part of Obi-Wan’s life will be covered by the film, but it does suggest that Disney may be close to having a director in place. That director would be Stephen Daldry, who also directed Billy Elliot and The Hours — the report says he and Lucasfilm are in talks, but that no script has been written.

That leaves us wondering what, exactly, the movie would cover — as interesting of a character Obi-Wan is, the original and prequel trilogies covered an awful lot of his life already. The best guess we’ve got puts this movie in the same time frame as Rogue One and the Han Solo movie, which would turn those three standalone movies into a trilogy of sorts serving to bridge the gap between Episodes I-III and Episodes IV-VI. If that turns out to be true, they’ll also need to find an actor who can bridge the gap between Ewan McGregor and the late Sir Alec Guinness — we don’t envy anyone responsible for that task!

Via The Hollywood Reporter