tracMo is One of the First Bluetooth 5.0 Lost and Found Trackers

The new Bluetooth standard adds hundreds of feet of range.

One of the many little problems tech has tackled in the past few years is finding lost keys and wallets — or even beloved pets! We’ve seen plenty of tiny Bluetooth trackers over the years — little devices that can be attached to something you might lose. Ping them with you phone, and they’ll ring out and guide you to whatever couch cushion your stuff slipped under.

One of the problems with these trackers has been limited range. About 100 feet of range is OK if you lost something at home, but it’s not as helpful if you’ve lost something while you’re out. That’s why the latest tracker, tracMo, is making the jump to Bluetooth 5.0. By using the newly updated standard, tracMo says their new tracker can still work if you’re up to 400 feet away from your lost item — but, like other trackers, you might not be out of luck if you’re even out of that range.

If you do get out of range of your lost item, tracMo will still record the last known location of the device, which you can check using the companion app. If there happen to be a lot of other people using tracMo in the area, you can also get help from them to ping and ultimately track down your lost device — tracMo can use other tracMo users’ devices as signal repeaters to extend the search range. You also have the option to give specific other users access to your tracMo trackers, so they can help you roam around and find your lost stuff.

Lost phones can be tracked down, too — any connected tracMo tracker can be double tapped to make a lost smartphone ring out, even if it’s been set to silent. Basically, you should be safe unless you lose your phone and every single device with a tracMo tracker attached to it. Hey, it could happen!

And of course, we couldn’t get out of here without some gratuitous smart home features. The tracMo tracker can be used with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, so you can set up triggers using tracMo or tell Alexa to find your lost stuff.

The only problem with tracMo is that it’s not flat like the Tile tracker. At 9 mm thick, it’s not going to be suitable for things like tri-fold wallets. It still looks keychain-friendly, though, and it’ll work just fine for larger things like backpacks, bags, and bicycles. The silver lining here is that tracMo has a replaceable battery, so you won’t need to junk it and get a new tracker once the battery dies. According to tracMo, each battery should last about 18 months.

Being a crowdfunded project, we recommend caution as always. The funding campaign has just gotten started on Indiegogo, and at the very least, you won’t be out too much money if things go haywire. A tracMo tracker can be preordered with a $14 contribution right now, which is quite a discount on the regular $35 price tag. The target ship date for now is February 2018.

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