Hard Times Cause This Candy in the UK and Ireland to Drop Half of Its Name

Walnut Whip is being joined by Whip in the UK because of a slumping pound and a walnut shortage.

While the United States, JapanCanada, and Australia have all been notching some sweet sweet wins lately, the UK and Ireland are taking a big loss this week. For over 100 years, Nestle has sold chocolate candy called Walnut Whip across the pond — it used to be chocolate with a walnut at the center and a walnut on top. That golden era long since ended, with the center walnut getting cut out somewhere along the line. This week, it gets worse — even the walnut on top is disappearing from some packages of the candy, forcing Nestle to sell it as just Whip.

Walnut Whip isn’t going away completely — Nestle will still sell single packs, with six-packs promised for the holiday season. They just might be in shorter supply, with more packages of Whip appearing with no walnuts at all. I guess Nestle is banking on logo recognition to support sales, because otherwise ‘here’s a lump of chocolate with no distinguishing qualities’ seems like a rough sales pitch.

Why the change? Nestle says it’s to give people more choice, but more choice usually doesn’t mean ‘here’s a thing that lacks what made it special in the first place.’ Instead, most of the blame has been put on two factors that teamed up to spell trouble for the candy maker. Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, the pound has fallen off sharply in value — that makes it more difficult for companies to import things, especially when those things are expensive. That leads us to factor number two — it’s not been a great year for some walnut farmers, and short supply means high prices. Put those two factors together, and it becomes very hard to keep producing the candy in the same amounts at the same prices.

In fairness, the new Whip candies will come in vanilla, caramel, and mint flavors. That’s a little better than just selling plain old chocolate, but that’s a hard road — lots of candies do those flavors, but only one did walnuts.

Via The Guardian

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