The Wonder Woman TV Series Isn’t Going to Happen

Wonder Woman was going to get a show on The CW, but there’s no point now.

We’ve heard of movies getting so popular that they launch TV shows, but this is a new one. For years, The CW was kicking around a show called Amazon that would have served as an origin tale for Wonder Woman. The show never got off the ground, and now it never will — the movie was so good, there’s just no point anymore.

That’s not the only reason the show is being abandoned, but it’s probably the final nail in the coffin. The more likely cause is that The CW is good on DC shows right now — SupergirlArrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Flash are all doing well for the network, and at some point, it just becomes too hard to manage all those crossovers they like to do! Granted, we’d imagine a Wonder Woman origin story would preclude her from teaming up with the others, but we don’t doubt that the showrunners would find a way to make it work.

News of the series getting permanently shelved came out of the recent Television Critics Association event, which is also when that CW mega-crossover happening this November was announced. Jarett Wieselman of BuzzFeed tweeted out the news, revealing that the movie’s success was one of the reasons for the show being abandoned.

We’re not ones to celebrate there being less Wonder Woman in our lives, but hey, we’re more than happy to take this as even more proof of how totally rad that movie was.

Via comicbook.com

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