25 Wonder Woman Fashions to Celebrate Diana’s Best Year Yet

These super powered fashions will inspire you

There’s no doubt about it — Wonder Woman is a huge deal! It’s mind-boggling that she’s been in print for over 75 years and has yet to star in her own movie. Well, Diana’s finally getting her time in the limelight (twice when Justice League comes out!), and we couldn’t be more excited. Celebrate with us by suiting up in some of the best Wonder Woman fashions the internet has to offer!

Wonder Woman Reversible Dress

If the baddies catch onto you, you can simply reverse your dress and blend in with the crowd with a classy Wonder Woman logo print!

HerUniverse – $40

Complete Wonder Woman Costume

It’s time to retire those star-spangled briefs for good and catch up to this side of the millennium. Diana has a brand new look. The Greek warrior style allows freedom of movement for maximum butt kicking. This amazing full costume set is super expensive, but it includes sword, shield, corset, tiara, bracelet, gauntlets, leather belt, lasso, skirt, and leg armor. Only for the most dedicated fans!

FutureSculpture/Etsy – $1,500+

Wonder Woman Satin Souvenir Jacket

The Amazons are the originators of the girl squad. Join as a fully-fledged member by donning this embroidered satin jacket. We would totally be there for DC’s bombshell biker movie, just sayin’.

HerUniverse – $64

Wonder Woman Themyscira Romper

We can’t all escape to a paradise island, but all warriors deserve a little shore leave. A romper can keep those island vibes flowing while keeping you battle ready.

HerUniverse – $39.92

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