These 21 Pieces of Disney Workout Clothes Will Make the Gym Magical

You need to check out all the Disney fitness apparel the internet has willed into existence!

Working out can be a real bore. What better way to inspire yourself to head to the gym than with some magical Disney workout clothes? Considering pretty much every Disney song ever is a motivational anthem, you’ll be unstoppable. I’m never going to miss a gym session again!

The Lion King Tank Top


Hakuna masquata! Didn’t you know they were saying it wrong in The Lion King? It means no worries — as long as you do enough squats!

Activate Apparel – $20

Disney Villains Leggings

Villains are pretty badass (no matter how cute they might look), and you will be too while working out in these amazing leggings! Go ahead and channel your inner villain on the StairMaster!

BelieveInMagicDesign/Etsy – $37

Tinker Bell Tank Top


“I don’t sweat this is pixie dust.” What a clever tank top — very fitting for a princess to work out in!

Activate Apparel – $20

Cinderella Leggings

Cinderella’s castle and legs (she worked those glass slippers) are both goals, so squat away in these fabulous leggings!

BelieveInMagicDesign/Etsy – $37

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