Catch the Fever With this Disco Ball Party Speaker

The iHome iBT175 brings the bass along with the light show.

We’ve seen a fair amount of party speakers — the JBL Pulse series stands out — but few have combined a fantastic light show with booming bass quite like iHome’s latest. Their iBT175 is a Bluetooth speaker promising 360-degree sound, but the real party starter is the disco ball dome ready to kick in when the lights go down.

The iBT175 is a dome-shaped speaker with a bit more power than you might expect. It’s got four speakers, plus an impressive three passive woofers for bass response. The unit produces sound out in a circle around it, so you can set it up right in the middle of a party and it’ll sound good to anyone.

And this is certainly meant to be a party speaker, as you can probably tell from the top of the dome. On top of the upper half that has its own LED lighting, there’s a disco dome that projects lights onto the ceiling, letting you pull off some clubbing on the cheap in your own place. Won’t be able to help with the cleanup, but hey, win some lose some.

The LED lighting has the usual party speaker options — slow pulsation, a strobe effect, a steady color, or movement to the beat of the music. You can also set custom tempos for the pulsation effect, which is a pretty neat touch.

The speaker also works with Melody, the same voice-activated digital music assistant Monster is now using with their headphones. She’s handy, as assistants go — she can play songs from a number of different streaming services, which can be really nice when you’ve got a lot of people over who all subscribe to different services.

The five-hour battery life might be a bit short depending on how hard you usually go, but otherwise, iHome’s latest looks like a pretty good time. You can grab one from iHome now for $130.

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