LiveCoach Wants to Make Life Coaching More Accessible for Everyone

The new app is a platform connecting coaches with people looking for more affordable life advice.

The advice industry is booming — enter joke about millennials and adulting here. Whatever the reason, a lot of folks are looking for a little help to find direction in their life, but what they’re often finding are impractically high prices. LiveCoach is hoping to fix that by being the quintessential Silicon Valley app — a platform connecting buyers and sellers.

Launching today, LiveCoach is starting with over 1,000 life coaches that can dispense advice on a number of topics including health, careers, fitness, and relationships. Users looking for coaching can browse the ranks, but digging through over 1,000 coaches to try to find the right one sounds like a process that would require its own life coach. Instead, LiveCoach simply asks some basic questions about users and what kind of coaching they’re looking for, then uses their algorithms to suggest a few coaches that best fit.

But LiveCoach doesn’t just want to make shopping for a life coach easier — they want to make it more affordable. They’re doing that by offering subscription services that should end up being far cheaper than the expensive per-session fees that coaches often charge. Still, the prices aren’t exactly what we would call cheap. Even for message-based coaching — users can text coaches questions, but don’t get any face time — prices start at $29 per week. For actual sessions, prices start at $20 per half hour. Individual coaches have some freedom to set their own prices, too, so prices can easily be quite a bit higher than that.

Still, by making it easier to shop for coaches, LiveCoach should make it easier for advice-seekers to find more affordable life coaching. LiveCoach will also aggregate timestamped user reviews, which could also help with finding the right coach. We’re not sure the prices are such that LiveCoach will be opening up life coaching to everyone, but if you’ve already been looking for a life coach, the new app should be worth a shot.

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