McDonald’s Updates Their McCafe Menu to Be More Like Starbucks

McCafe is now a real low-cost Starbucks alternative.

If you think Starbucks is overpriced, well, there are a lot of other options. But, if you’re looking for an option that is both cheaper and as convenient as Starbucks, McDonald’s is looking more and more like they want to fill that niche. Their in-location coffee station, McCafe, is getting a relaunch of sorts with a few new drinks and trendier, more minimalist cups. Always be branding, right?

McDonald’s is adding a caramel macchiato, a vanilla cappuccino, and an americano to their McCafe menu, filling some pretty glaring gaps in their espresso lineup. When those drinks arrive, McDonald’s will be keen to really hammer home the price difference — all of those drinks will be $2, although those prices aren’t expected to be permanent.

Here’s another way they’re pulling a Starbucks — they’re putting their drinks in supermarkets. McCafe also plans to sell bottled Frappe drinks in multiple flavors. That marks the first time we can think of that McDonald’s has found its way into supermarkets. Those bottled drinks aren’t expected in stores until 2018.

Via Business Insider

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