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18 More Fan-Made Disney Princess Rings of Your Fairy-tale Dreams

Once again, a lot of these are beautifully crafted enough to be legit engagement rings!

We’re not sure there’s ever been an outpouring of creative fervor quite like what we’ve seen from Disney fans over the years — especially when it comes to jewelry! After all, if two Disney fans are going to get hitched, they’re going to need some rings to suit the occasion. As we’ve done plenty of times before, we’ve rounded up the newest and most gorgeous fan-made Disney rings — and yes, a lot of them match just about any Disney fan’s expectations of what an engagement ring should be!


This ring is dominated by that lavender stone in the middle, the same color as Rapunzel’s dress in Tangled!

DymondNcrustD/Etsy – $130


You know Beauty and the Beast-themed weddings are going to dominate the next few years. From the looks of it, we’re going to get a lot of amazing rings out of the excitement over this year’s movie, too!

DoronMeravWeddings/Etsy – $1,100

(Queen) Elsa

We usually celebrate the Disney princesses around here, but far be it from us to not pay tribute to the queen! This gorgeous ring has a frost-blue moonstone gem set into an elaborate platinum or gold ring — and, fit for a queen, there’s an option to have smaller diamonds set in the ring, too.

MichelliaDesigns/Etsy – $880


This simple and fun ring has a cute magic lamp in the middle, along with “Make a wish” inscribed on the ring itself. You can’t wish for more wishes, but you can probably wish for more rings!

SterlingKisses/Etsy – $130

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