The Latest Nintendo 2DS XL Special Edition Looks Just Like a Poké Ball

This time, North America is actually getting the good stuff!

How can Nintendo possibly top that adorable Pikachu 3DS XL from earlier this year? Well, with how cute that guy was, we’re not sure if that’s possible, but this new 2DS XL has a good argument! Nintendo is dressing up their latest and greatest handheld as a Poké Ball in a special edition release confirmed to be on its way to North America.

Nintendo announced the special edition Poké Ball 2DS XL during a Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday, during which they also discussed upcoming Switch and 3DS games. The handheld definitely isn’t shaped like a Poké Ball (not sure how that would’ve worked!), but it’s got the look down — red on the top and white on the bottom, with bold black lines running around the edges and the Poké Ball lock in the center.

The Poké Ball Nintendo 2DS XL is confirmed to come to North America and will be available starting November 3. Nintendo didn’t specify pricing, but we imagine it’ll cost $150, the usual price of the 2DS XL.

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