You Need to Check Out This Bicycle Made Out of Whisky Barrels

Bike-maker Renovo has joined forces with Glenmorangie for some deliciously high-end bicycles.

This might be the only time when combining booze with bicycles is OK! Not wanting good wood to go to waste, upscale bike manufacturer Renovo decided to let Scottish whisky experts Glenmorangie know that their old whisky barrels could find new life in their workshops. The result is the Glenmorangie Original, a gorgeous bike built from wood sourced from those old barrels.

The partnership was made possible by Glenmorangie’s obsessive whisky process. While many distilleries use barrels several times over, Glenmorangie insists on only using them twice to guarantee consistency and quality in each bottle of their whisky. Problem is, they use really good American oak in those barrels, and after those two uses, it’s all in danger of going to waste. That’s why Renovo has stepped in, importing those barrels and turning them into some incredible bicycles.

Renovo, which has excelled at making high-end bikes out of wood for years, was all too happy to play with some premium new materials. Glenmorangie broke the barrels down into staves — the individual slats that make up a barrel — before sending them over to Renovo. Renovo smoothed out the wood, then used the curvature from their use in the barrels to create a proper bike frame.

Considering we’re talking about fancy whisky and fancy bikes, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Glenmorangie Original doesn’t come cheap. Renovo requires a $1,000 down payment, with the bike costing a cool $6,950 in full. Is being able to say that you ride a bike built on top-notch whisky worth it? Honestly, if you have seven grand to burn, yeah, it probably is.

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