Strava Just Made it Way Easier to Pull in Data from Your Cycling Classes

New partnerships with a number of gyms and clubs further cements Strava as a top fitness tracking app.

Despite not being tied to any one fitness tracker or smartwatch, Strava has managed to secure a place as one of the best fitness tracking apps on the market. They’ve done it by working with as many fitness wearables as possible, but now they’re turning their attention to a whole other source of data — gyms and clubs. Starting today, you’ll be able to sync up workouts from your cycling classes and the like automatically — no need for manual entry!

Instead of just taking in data from your fitness trackers automatically, Strava can now grab data from the machines you use at some gyms and clubs — all you need to do is link your club account to your Strava account. At the outset, Strava is partnering with Flywheel Sports, Life Time, LiveRowing, Expresso, and Fitbod, which encompasses cycling and rowing workouts, along with a number of classes all five of those clubs offer.

If you’re a member of one of those five, that’s pretty awesome! Manually entering workouts can be a little annoying, but if you’re not logging all of your workouts, you’re not really getting an accurate accounting of your fitness. These partnerships take out that manual step, making logging of one of those classes as automatic as logging data from a fitness tracker.

If your club isn’t on that list, keep your fingers crossed — Strava says they’re working on establishing more partnerships like these in the near future.