We Wish These Lego Sets Were Real – and Someday Soon, They Might Be!

One of the coolest things Lego has going for it right now is Lego Ideas. It’s a site where anyone can submit their idea for a new official Lego set! Those ideas can become reality if a set gets 10,000 supporters — any submission that hits 10,000 will be put on a list by Lego for review, which happens three times per year. If the powers that be in brickland decide an idea is viable, they’ll put it into production, with the original designer getting credit and royalties!

We’ve seen some awesome sets come out of Lego Ideas in the past. Most recently, Lego announced that they’ll be selling the Women of NASA set in November after giving the idea the thumbs up earlier this year. Lego Ideas has also given us official Doctor WhoAdventure Time, and Ghostbusters sets in the past, too! So, what’s next? Here’s our wish list!

The Empire Strikes Back

We’ve seen a lot of Star Wars Lego sets over the years — so many that now we’re wondering how in the world this scene never got the brick treatment! This set is at the review stage, and considering Lego has a long relationship with Star Wars, we don’t see why this can’t happen!

szabomate90/Lego Ideas

Luke’s from Gilmore Girls

One of our longtime favorites, obviously. Luke’s Diner has hit 10,000 supporters, too, which means it’s all in Lego’s hands now. I smell a lifetime ban from the diner if they don’t make it happen!

Rainer Zufall/Lego Ideas

Toy Story

This idea for Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story includes minifigures of Woody and Buzz, plus tiny built figures of some of the other toys, like RC and Mr. Potato Head!

iest_ntfc/Lego Ideas

Steamboat Willie

This is a cute little set from one of Mickey’s very first adventures!

szabomate90/Lego Ideas

The Space Shuttle

The now-retired space shuttle can still live on in Lego form! This one has hit 10,000 supporters and is due for review.

KingsKnight/Lego Ideas

RuPaul’s Drag Race

As we’ve noted before, this set, featuring an all-star lineup of queens from the show, needs to happen. It’s getting very close to 10,000, too!

SeeMarkGeek/Lego Ideas

Smurf Village

How else are we going to get blue minifigures?

Waterloo747/Lego Ideas

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

We’ve been fans of this one for a while — it’s simple, but we love the classic Power Rangers minifig lineup. This one’s made it to the review stage, so fingers crossed!

bruceywan/Lego Ideas

Saturn V Launch Tower

The Saturn V rocket itself already successfully went through the Lego Ideas process — why not add the launch tower, too? With the Saturn V rocket already in production and this set already at 10,000 supporters, we’re thinking this is the most likely of all the sets to be made.

whatsuptoday/Lego Ideas

Sesame Street

The minifigs and little details inside 123 Sesame Street make this one of the sets we’re most excited about!

bulldoozer21/Lego Ideas

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Worth it just for Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

JMaster/Lego Ideas

The Magic School Bus

Hey, why not? The Magic School Bus is back in a big way these days!

MaddCappJack/Lego Ideas

International Space Station

Space-themed sets have had a lot of success on Lego Ideas so far, so there’s no reason this awesome version of the ISS shouldn’t make its way into our hands!

XCLD/Lego Ideas

In-N-Out Burger

Almost as good as going to the real thing. Almost. Kidding aside, I can’t get over how perfectly this set nails the look of In-N-Out!

Furmania/Lego Ideas

Central Perk from Friends

Like a lot of these sets, this one would be worth it for the minifigures alone. Actually, just the hair pieces would be enough!

Mric76/Lego Ideas

The Flintstones

Looks like they’re moving from the stone age to the brick age!

AndrewClark2/Lego Ideas

Tiny Disneyland

It’s a Disneyland for ants, and we love it! This would make a great centerpiece.


Amelia Earhart

This cute little set is based on a kid’s book series about our favorite aviator!

Alatariel/Lego Ideas

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