Qualcomm Wants to Help Doctors Detect Strokes Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality — it’s not just for video games and traveling the world without leaving the house! A lot of companies have been thinking about how to use VR in professional settings, and the latest idea could be a lifesaver. Qualcomm has been thinking a lot about how they can use VR headsets and upcoming faster and more robust 5G networks in medicine and psychology, and they’ve come up with some pretty exciting ideas! If those ideas become reality, it could have huge benefits for anyone who struggles to find time to make doctor’s appointments or anyone living in rural areas without nearby hospitals.

Not too long ago, I got to check out one of Qualcomm’s first medical projects — a VR stroke detection lesson called Think F.A.S.T. I also got to chat a little with Qualcomm XR Program Manager Leilani DeLeon about Qualcomm’s future hopes for VR for doctors and patients alike. Here’s what I learned!

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