You’ll Want These Delicious Designer Disney Cakes at Your Next Party!

These incredible edible works of art have been made for all kinds of occasions!

I’ll admit it — I’m a pie person. I’ll usually defend pies to the death against cakes, but I will yield on one point — you just can’t get this kind of artistry with the pie! There’s a ton of skilled folks designing cakes that are as much feasts for the eyes as for the stomachs, and a lot of them have looked to Disney for inspiration. Here’s a handful of those designer Disney cakes from a few cake shops we’ve found — give them a look next time you’ve got a big party to plan!


Cinderella Cake | By Laura Miller, Sweet as Sugar | Photo: www.ianolsson.com

I’m more intrigued by the engineering implications than anything!

Sugar Spice Cakes

Finding Nemo

Clare’s Cake Boutique

This adorable cake is topped by a pair of newlywed clownfish who both look way, way too cute to eat.

Clare’s Cake Boutique – Website / Facebook

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