Check Out These 19 Takes on Disney Characters Crossed Over With Tim Burton and Sin City

Andrew Tarusov is back with more imaginative takes on our Disney favorites!

One of our favorite artists has been busy! We looked at Andrew Tarusov’s series of Disney princesses turned into pin-up girls last year, and now we’re back with a couple new series from the talented Los Angeles-based artist. Tarusov has also reimagined our favorite Disney characters to be part of the worlds of Tim Burton and Sin City! It’s dark and mysterious Disney, so turn down the lights, set your ambient noise maker to rain, and enjoy! And, if you like what you see and want to support Tarusov’s work, be sure to check out his debut art book, which is shipping out soon!


Andrew Tarusov

Pinocchio has undergone quite the shocking transformation! His nose is characteristically long, although I wonder how he can lie through those stitches.


Andrew Tarusov

Olaf looks like he has bad intentions!

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