Game of Thrones Gear You Can Wear In The Real World

Hey there’s only one season left, you’ve only got so many more opportunities to get dressed up in your Westerosi best!

Sundays simply haven’t been the same now that season 7 of Game of Thrones has ended. What are we going to do with ourselves while we await season 8? This Game of Thrones gear is a great way to show your excitement! If you’re also still on the hunt for a knockout Halloween costume, you’re welcome, because this list will definitely help you out with that.

Daenerys Dress

The blue dress Daenerys wore to Qarth has been reimagined as a white wedding dress, and is proof positive that Game of Thrones doesn’t get enough credit for inspiring terrific fashion!

tavariel/Etsy – $600

Ygritte Coat

A coat that would make you fit right in with the wildlings!

KaronsKoutureCostume/Etsy – $477.50

Khal Drogo Complete Outfit

A complete Khal Drogo outfit, complete with genuine leather — think you’re going to need to supply the body paint, though.

Nickanthony/Etsy – $1,200

Daenerys Dragon Necklace

Hands down the coolest piece of jewelry I have ever seen! This Daenerys dragon necklace is made of resin, chain, and a whole lot of creativity.

YuzuApparel/Etsy – $45

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