Lenovo Legion Y920 Review – A Big, Bulky Gaming Laptop Powerhouse

The Good: Terrific performance, beautiful display, overclockable GPU and CPU, doesn’t get too hot

The Bad: Really short battery life, so-so audio, this particular mechanical keyboard feels strange, dated design, Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Who it’s for: Pro gamers, aspiring pro gamers, VR enthusiasts, streamers

The Short: The Lenovo Legion Y920 is a red-hot 1080p gaming laptop, even if it’s weighed down by bulk and battery life issues.

The Gear: Lenovo sent us a Core i7/16 GB RAM/1 TB HDD+512 GB PCIe SSD Legion Y920 to use for two weeks.

The name Legion made me feel a sense of scale and upon unboxing, and my feelings were confirmed — the Lenovo Legion Y920 is a really big laptop! That’s a departure from the trend of thinner and lighter laptops, and for good reason. The Y920 is Lenovo’s latest gaming laptop, and it’s the most powerful one they’ve got. Every device maker under the sun is trying to get in on the gaming gold rush being fueled by esports, and it’s given us a deluge of gaming laptops this year!

That means Lenovo has lots of competition. High-end specs? Sure, but what about all the little things that make or break a gaming laptop? Lenovo sent us over a Legion Y920 to review for a couple weeks, and we put it to the test. After all, it needs to deliver — it’s pricey at $2,700, although Lenovo has already started offering some discounts.

Should this be your gaming go-to? It’s hard to say. We like that it has enough power to let you both game and stream at the same time, but we still like a gaming laptop to have enough battery life to let us get in a gaming session without worrying about outlets. Short battery life, even for a gaming laptop, makes that a non-starter.

It also comes off looking a bit outdated — the old black and red gaming style is getting tired, and we’re increasingly seeing hardware makers abandon it. And, with a crop of much thinner and lighter gaming laptops on the horizon, the bulkiness of this one might be coming at the wrong time.

Need more details? We’ve got them. Ahead, we’ll go in depth about the Legion Y920’s performance, keyboard, audio, and a lot more!

And, just one note before we get going — we don’t have a VR rig ourselves, so while the Legion Y920 has the hardware to run headsets like HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, we can’t speak to how well they perform running on this laptop!

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