25 Gifts for The Little Mermaid Lover

Whether you want to dress up yourself or your home, this stuff will bring the best parts of the ocean into your life!

You don’t have to live under the sea to appreciate all of the awesome mermaid gifts the internet has to offer! From mermaid tail blankets to mermaid bath bombs and everything in between, we guarantee we have something in here that you and the fellow Little Mermaid lovers in your life are sure to adore!

Silicone Tail

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dreamt of really being a mermaid. I’m talking real mermaid, real tail. This awe-inspiring silicone tail is the closest you can get to being a real mermaid! Each tail is individually crafted to your body’s measurements and is airbrushed to look incredibly realistic!

EvaTail/Etsy – $2,000

Mermaid Tail Blanket

These woolen knit mermaid tail blankets look super cozy and can be ordered in both kids and adult sizes!

BabiesandCuddles/Etsy – $39

Antique Mermaid Bracelet

Bohemian, antique, and completely unique, take a look at this mermaid bracelet!

MermaidMusingsOcean/Etsy – $28

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