What 34 Pokémon Would Look Like in Real Life

Or: a lot of really sweet imaginary dinosaurs.

We thought that Pokémon Go had done a good job of bringing Pokémon into the real world, but it turns out someone else did it first — and way better! For the better part of the decade, concept artist RJ Palmer has been turning those cute pocket monsters into a monsters of a more terrifying sort. He’s now created tons of realistic Pokémon spanning generations, reimagining them as giant monsters alongside their smaller evolutions. We don’t know if he’s ever going to be able to draw ’em all, but if you want to help him do that, you can — if you like what you see, be sure to check out Palmer’s Patreon page, his personal shop, and his RedBubble shop!



Just imagine: this was drawn before mega evolutions became a thing. While we cross our fingers for the Mega Tyranitar update, here’s regular old Tyranitar alongside a Larvitar.



Suddenly, Daenerys’ dragons don’t look so tough and yes I’m aware Charizard is not a dragon type. Anyway, my low-key favorite part of this is Charmander nomming on what I think is a Caterpie, which is the only thing that would ever happen to a Caterpie in a world of realistic Pokémon.

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  1. I feel that stereotypes could be somewhat coated with iron especially living near giant mines and ores. I believe it’s possible to see a steelix breaching I’m and out of sand like a whale, surround by mountains of iron and other precious metals. The skin would be super hard, and have almost a metal like feel and texture, however the look of the steel as soon would vary from species to species.

  2. Okay not to be that guy, but you guys messed up the Kyurem slide. It’s just its regular form. The electricity you see is from the Raikou literally seen attacking it.

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