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All The Things That Worry & Excite Us About Female Robots Joining Society

She might just take your man.

Since Sophia the robot has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia, things just got a whole lot more real. And by real, I mean I have a ton of fears and excitements racing through my head about female robots and how they can impact our life as real women.

Will it ever come down to real women vs. robot women? It very well could! In the meantime though, let’s take a look at some scary and exciting things we can expect as female robots continue to join our society.

She Might Just Take Your Man

Inflatable dolls are a real thing, so it’s pretty plausible that Sophia might just take your man. Or my man. Or any man. Since you can program robots and Sophia was made to be empathetic by her creator, I’ll bet she won’t argue back about taking out the trash, or yell about picking up dirty laundry off the floor, or pick fights.

Time to be on my best behavior. I mean, I already worry about girls trying to steal my man. Add in robots and this is a whole new level of struggle and competition.

But She Also Might Cook You Dinner

Robots are supposed to improve our society right? We have robot assisted surgeries already. We have robots that clean our houses. We have robots the fight crime, cleanup oil spills, perform deep sea exploration. It’s not too outside the realm of possibility that we can have robots cooking our meals!

I could get with that. There’s nothing more that I hate than wasting hours of my life meal prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Imagine how much of a time saver it would be to have a Sophia in your life making dinner by the time you got home from work!

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