All The Things That Worry & Excite Us About Female Robots Joining Society

Since Sophia the robot has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia, things just got a whole lot more real. And by real, I mean I have a ton of fears and excitements racing through my head about female robots and how they can impact our life as real women.

Will it ever come down to real women vs. robot women? It very well could! In the meantime though, let’s take a look at some scary and exciting things we can expect as female robots continue to join our society.

She Might Just Take Your Man

Inflatable dolls are a real thing, so it’s pretty plausible that Sophia might just take your man. Or my man. Or any man. Since you can program robots and Sophia was made to be empathetic by her creator, I’ll bet she won’t argue back about taking out the trash, or yell about picking up dirty laundry off the floor, or pick fights.

Time to be on my best behavior. I mean, I already worry about girls trying to steal my man. Add in robots and this is a whole new level of struggle and competition.

But She Also Might Cook You Dinner

Robots are supposed to improve our society right? We have robot assisted surgeries already. We have robots that clean our houses. We have robots the fight crime, cleanup oil spills, perform deep sea exploration. It’s not too outside the realm of possibility that we can have robots cooking our meals!

I could get with that. There’s nothing more that I hate than wasting hours of my life meal prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Imagine how much of a time saver it would be to have a Sophia in your life making dinner by the time you got home from work!

She’s More Perfect Than You

I mean, she’s literally perfect. You can engineer a robot to be anything you like. Skinny, pretty, perfect, flawless complexion, beautiful smile. Kind of scary to be able to pretty much play god like this, no?

Plastic surgery can only get me so far. Plastic surgery can only get my nose this perfect, make my body this close to flawless. If anyone else here watches Botched, you know what I mean. Doctors can only work so many miracles on the female body my friends.

But She’s Not As Real As You

There’s something infinity special about having a true, human connection with another person. Relationships make us feel like we belong. Connecting with real humans increases our happiness if it’s a positive interaction. Historically speaking, connecting with each other has even been paramount to survival and success.

Even in the highly advanced and technological world that we live in, we still feel the need to connect with one another. And I’m not just talking about via social media. Nothing can replace genuine human interactions and connections, not even robots.

She Could Be Gunning For Your Job

Robots already hold a variety of positions in the workforce. They dominate manufacturing, agriculture, car production, and even certain military services. Robots don’t get tired. They don’t need breaks.

They don’t slow down. They make less mistakes. So, it’s possible they could even grow into taking over more positions in the work place and automating more things. It’s only a matter of time until they take your job, too.

But She Might Be A Much Better Person To Interact With In Certain Situations

I could definitely see a female robot being better in certain situations than a human. Humans can be irrational, emotional, and difficult to deal with. Hanson Robotics, Sophia’s creator, says they strive to create robots that are expressive, delightful, interactive, and they are basically walking computers so they presumably would interact with you in a calculated, rational way.

I could see this being a huge benefit for customer service related issues, having to break bad news to people, or even helping us out at the DMV. The world’s most friendly place, am I right? The ability to remain calm, cool, and collected in situations is something I always struggle with, but this is something robots should excel at.

She Could Take Your Life

It’s a common Sci-fi theme: artificial intelligence that can outsmart and even harm humans. Now that robots that are so high functioning are real, such as Sophia, it brings this Sci-fi theme into the real world. I mean, people hurt other people, so robots could hurt people too.

Sophia herself recently made a joke about robots destroying humans. We’re allegedly awhile off from robots being able to overtake us and turn technology against us, but it could happen. Never say never. Stephen Hawkins himself warned us that technology should be controlled so as to prevent destroying the human race as a whole.

But She Could Improve Your Life

Since robots can pretty much do anything we can do, and since we have companies like Hanson Robotics that want to create affordable robots for us, we very well could be using robots as our personal assistants (while we wait for them to overtake us).

Imagine if you had a personal assistant to do all your shopping? Book your travel and vacations for you? Do all the menial tasks you just sigh about on a daily basis? Where do I sign up? I hope this is more affordable than trying to hire a personal assistant! Hanson Robotics, pull through for us here!

In The End, It’s Going To Take Some Time…

…to know what the impact of having female robots among our society will be. Robots are a piece of technology or machinery very much like your computer or car is. At the same time though, with robots increasingly resembling humans, it makes you wonder if we can form attachments to them like we do to one another. Intelligent robots have been a popular topic in books and movies for so many years, and now life is about to be like it is in the movies.

Check out how lifelike and full of expression Sophia the robot is below, it’s truly unreal:

Hanson Robotics

What worries or excites you the most about female robots joining society? Let us know in the comments below!

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