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All the Times this Department Store Delivered Designer Disney Goodies at Budget Prices

In 2015, a magical thing happened — Primark arrived in the United States. The low-cost department store got its start in Ireland before coming to a few other countries in Europe, and for the past two years it’s been making its way into the States with a handful of locations on the east coast.


If you’ve got a Primark nearby, you know what’s up — designer-looking fashions and home goodies without all those extra zeroes on the price tags. Well, Primark isn’t unaware of how much we all love Disney, either. All those designer Disney goodies we looked at? Primark has been hard at work making a bunch of Disney goodies that warm our hearts just as much, without leaving our wallets cold — and some of those goodies are still available now!

Minnie Bag


Maybe the best example of Primark giving the name designers a run for their money just happened this month! That cute Kate Spade Minnie Mouse bag sells for $328, but Primark just dropped one of their own for under $10! Sure, maybe it’s not leather, but for that price it’s hard not to be happy! It’s just hard to get one — Primark is only selling the bag in stores, and from what we’ve heard it’s not been staying in stores for very long.

Kate Spade New York

Beauty and the Beast Chip Coin Purse


Just like everyone else, Primark was there for Beauty and the Beast back in March. They started selling this adorable little coin purse for under $5 in stores, and to no one’s surprise, they sold out almost immediately. There was talk of being able to find them on eBay afterwards, most assuredly not at Primark prices. Now there’s a tale as old as time!

But Primark wasn’t done with Chip yet…

Chip Mug


Primark came right back with Chip in mug form, completely with a little faux chip on the lip! He was pretty popular in March, too, but Primark decided to go a little easier on us with this guy. The Chip mug is still listed as available in stores for under $10!

Actually, Primark is pretty into mugs…

Mickey and Minnie Mugs


Apparently, Primark has also just dropped these super cute Minnie and Mickey mugs, each for under $10. Having a Primark in driving distance is really starting to seem like a lifechanger!

Jewelry too? You bet!

Mickey Mouse Birthstone Necklace


Primark announced these beauties just recently alongside a bunch of other Disney goodies! The necklaces have birthstones for each month capped by tiny little mouse ears, and we’re really hoping these are in Primark stores here! Oh, and the price? Under $5!

It’s winter…time to get cozy!

Hooded Disney Blankets


When $20 starts to seem expensive, you know you’ve arrived in the right place. These super cozy looking hooded blankets are in stores, and feature either Minnie or a handful of other Disney characters, including Daisy Duck!

An enchanted…lamp?

Beauty and the Beast Rose Lamp


This lamp is anything but cursed at just over $10! It’s yet another part of Primark’s Beauty and the Beast Collection, which is actually pretty massive. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do with all the other live-action movies coming soon!

Fancy cats at non-fancy prices ahead!

Aristocats Slippers


Back in April, Primark took on the deeply underappreciated Aristocats with these cute fluffy Marie slippers! They were under $10, of course, and we do unfortunately mean were because these appear to have been all snapped up! Hey, there’s always eBay.

This is just scratching the surface of what Primark has done with Disney. What we’re saying is, come to the rest of the United States already!