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Bars on Mars? Budweiser is Going to Start Studying Beer in Space Next Month

The Apollo 11 moon landing. The Hubble Space Station. The International Space Station. SpaceX launching, landing, and recovering rockets. All of these, space launches that changed the world in the pursuit of a brighter future. And very soon, we can add one more to that illustrious list — the beer run.

At SXSW in March, Budweiser boldly went there, saying they intended to have the first beer on Mars. At the time there wasn’t much else to be said, and if you wanted to write the whole thing off as a publicity stunt, you couldn’t be blamed. That changes this week, with Budweiser letting us all know that they are, in fact, dead serious about this beer in space business. They’re getting things kicked off with a mission next month, and then we’ll just have to wait and see where this alcohol-fueled rocketship ends up!

What’s going down — or up? — next month?

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