The Glitter Cappuccino is Just the Latest Colorful Espresso Drink to Brighten Up Instagram

Many things exist for the ‘gram these days. National parks, cool old libraries, cute animals — and, maybe above all, coffee drinks! We’ve seen some wild ones recently, mostly from Starbucks (including one that they miiight have pilfered from someone else), but the shiniest one is no doubt the newest one!


A cafe chain in Mumbai, India called Coffee By Di Bella is serving up glitter cappuccinos — a cappuccino dusted with little edible sparkly flakes! Officially called the Gold and Diamond Cappuccino, it looks gorgeous and also looks like it’d really pose some lighting challenges to get that photo just right.

But, the Gold and Diamond Cappuccino is just the latest of many Instagram-worthy coffee drinks — including some that admittedly don’t have any coffee in them at all (hi Starbucks!).

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