Check Out Your Favorite Characters Transformed Into Super Creepy Doodles!

Do you think of glamour when you think of Los Angeles? Artist Hannah Webb wants you to rethink that! The LA-based artist has been showing off her skills with some street art-inspired creepy doodles of some of our favorite characters. They’re goopy, they’re zombie-like, and they’ve got real big teeth.

If you love Webb’s work, she’s got plenty more going on! She’s been making a bunch of real cool skateboard designs recently, and she’s got a whole stress-relieving coloring book filled with creepy Pokémon on her store! Be sure to check out plenty more on her Facebookher Instagram, and her website. And, if you want to support the artist, make sure you check out her shop on Big Cartel, too!


Even alternate reality Ariel’s hair is still on point.


This might be creepy Betty Boop, but to be fair, we haven’t seen as much of regular Betty Boop these days, so who knows?


Creepy Bulbasaur looks kinda hungry. For what, I don’t dare ask.

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