Brighten Up Your Day With These Adorable Doodles of Characters from Disney, Star Wars and More!

Maybe it’s Monday, maybe your week isn’t looking great, or maybe it’s just winter and you haven’t seen the sun in a while. Whatever your case, we’ve got a pretty good prescription — these super adorable chibi doodles of some of your favorite characters!

Artist Giusil Vincenzi is a master at warming our geeky hearts! Her ongoing series of cute doodles has touched on Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and lots more, and it’s all pretty amazing! You can see even more of her work on her blogInstagram or Facebook. And, if you want to support the artist, be sure to check out her shop, too!

Giusil’s Doodles

We knew the 13th Doctor’s outfit was going to be great for fan art right when we saw it!

Giusil’s Doodles

I don’t think Tiny Wonder Woman would be any less powerful, but the ones taking her beatings would probably not feel as bad!

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