All the Goodies Disney Will Get if They Really Buy Fox Entertainment

On Monday, CNBC dropped news that Disney might just make another huge acquisition soon! Since 2006, the House of Mouse has purchased Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, and now we’re learning they’ve been in talks to buy Fox!

Well, not all of Fox. The report says that 21st Century Fox isn’t keen on staying in entertainment, and wants to focus on news and sports. Disney probably wouldn’t be able to buy those other bits, anyway — owning both ABC and the Fox network would be a no-no, and owning both ESPN and Fox Sports would probably also be frowned upon.

So, Disney came in recently to talk about buying up Fox Entertainment, adding even more franchises to the Disney stable! The report does say that talks have died down for now, but a deal could still be made down the road. Here’s what Disney would score if they do make it happen!

Bringing the Marvel family back together…

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