EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II Just Made Reddit History – and Not the Good Kind

Is there a way to make good Reddit history? Seems unlikely! We’ve seen plenty of users and companies see their comments met with a terrifyingly snowballing angry mob, though — there’s even a hall of shame of sorts chronicling the comments that have been downvoted the most.

That hall of shame is getting a new member soon, and it’s one that won’t be dethroned for a very, very long time.

Star Wars Battlefront II comes out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the end of this week, but some players have already gotten to start playing a prerelease trial. They, uh, didn’t like what they saw. While the game does have a single-player mode this time (as opposed to the previous Battlefront), the meat of the game is still multiplayer. It’s no wonder — the promise of dropping you in massive Star Wars battles with familiar locations, characters, ships, and weapons seems like such an obviously awesome idea, it’s hard to imagine where you could go wrong.

Well, it was the familiar characters part, as it turns out. Players were pretty out of sorts when they discovered they had paid $60 or $80 for a Star Wars game, only to find out that most major characters, including Luke and Darth Vader (kinda big deals) were locked behind in-game credits. They didn’t get much happier when they did some back-of-the-envelope math and found out unlocking one character would take about 40 hours of gameplay, putting most characters out of reach of people who don’t play video games full-time (most of us, I’m guessing?). They only way around earning that many credits was to pay real money to get in-game crystals to buy in-game loot crates that might have the character you want.

And then EA got on Reddit…

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