All the Upcoming Funko Figurines We’ve Got Our Eyes on This Month

Got a shelf (or a room) dedicated to Funko figurines? Then we’re guessing you get as excited as we do for new Funko releases — and they come fast and furious these days. We’re always keeping an eye on the vinyl pros to catch the best figurines announced in the past month, and as always, there’s a whole slew of good stuff headed straight for your wallet!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Funko’s done Buffy figurines plenty of times in the past, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen new Pops — and they’ve gotten a lot better at them since then. The new collection is worth a look, especially Buffy with crossbow and the 1-in-6 chase variant of Xander with eye patch. The six new figurines are all slated to be ready in January.

Black Panther

The next Marvel movie to hit theaters will be Black Panther in February of next year. That’s not too far away, so it’s no surprise that Funko is already starting to make their push! They’re prepping Black Panther figurines in their Pint Size Heroes, Hero Plushies, Dorbz, Pop Keychains, and Pop lines. Black Panther and Erik Killmonger get the most run, but the new Pop collection includes Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia, too. It’ll all be out January 1, so we’ll be getting the new year off to a great start!


No, they’re not gearing up for the live-action movie just yet — we’re sure they will in time. No, this is a new full collection based on the original Disney movie, and it’s got a new, more detailed take on Jasmine along with figurines for Aladdin, Rajah, Abu, and Genie Jafar. Don’t sleep on the glittery Jasmine in red — she’ll only be at Barnes & Noble. The whole collection is expected sometime in December.

Stranger Things

Funko was well prepared for season two. The highlights of their new releases are definitely Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas in full Ghostbusters gear, but we’re loving the new Eleven figurine with her season two look, too! They also introduced new Eleven, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin figurines in one of their newest lines, the pixelated 8-Bit Pops! Perfect for the ’80s. The regular Pops are available now, while the 8-Bit Pops will be out sometime later this month as Target exclusives.

James Bond

Surprisingly enough, Funko never had James Bond figurines until now. They’re rectifying that with nine figurines due out in December. They’re going for the classics, with two figurines of Sean Connery’s 007 and two of Roger Moore’s 007. They also picked out a handful of recurring villains from the series, including Oddjob, Jaws, and Blofeld. Jaws being Jaws makes him one of the very few Funko Pop figurines to actually have a mouth! Wouldn’t really be recognizable otherwise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Speaking of those retro 8-Bit Pops, our favorite sewer-based pizza connoisseurs are also getting the pixel treatment! They’ll be surfing into stores come January.

The Emperor’s New Groove

The underappreciated Disney classic gets a really solid Pop lineup! Kuzco has his finger guns, Kronk has his arm guns, and Yzma reminds us that we’ve forgotten about her A+ fashion game! These Pops will be out in February, with llama Kuzco coming in as a Hot Topic exclusive.

Star Wars Movie Moments

They could only make so many figurines before they started making cool little dioramas with them! This Walmart-exclusive series features a handful of scenes from the original trilogy with two Pop figurines onboard. They’ve got Luke and Leia escaping the trash compactor, R2-D2 and C-3PO leaving the crashed escape pod, Han shooting Greedo first, and Darth Vader facing down Obi-Wan. These are all going to be coming to Walmart on November 18, and they’re going to be hot holiday items for sure.


Did you enjoy Cuphead as much as we did? The ’30s animation-inspired game is getting the Funko treatment, too — kinda. Usually Funko has their own Pop style that they stick with, but the Cuphead figurines look a lot more like how they do in-game than with other Pop figurines. Makes sense for a game whose style was its entire heart and soul. They still look awesome, though! You can grab Cuphead, Mugman, the Devil, Legendary Chalice, and casino magnate King Dice come February.