Someone’s Been Recreating Geeky Scenes With Gingerbread, and It’s Pretty Sweet

Thanksgiving is past, and that means it’s gingerbread house season! Time to break out the gingerbread, candy canes, gumdrops, and anything leftover from Halloween to create confection perfection. But, before you get started on the same old gingerbread house, take some inspiration from Rosa the Gingerbread Artist!

Yup, gingerbread artist. Rosa bakes her own, and she just happens to be a pretty big self-professed geek! For a few years now she’s been putting the two together to recreate scenes from Star Wars, the Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones, and plenty more! If you like what you see and are hungry for more, be sure to check out Rosa’s Instagram and her website, too!

Gingerbread Sagas

Luke and Vader’s Death Star II duel from Return of the Jedi, but with way more chocolate. Love the melted candy lightsabers and the Emperor lurking in the background!


Harry and friends all out on a winter’s day in Hogsmeade, a.k.a what we wish every winter day was actually like.

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