Add a Splash of Color to Your Life With These Geeky Stained Glass Suncatchers

Need a dash of color with your sunshine? If you’ve got a balcony or garden with space to spare, you can add one of these beautiful stained glass suncatchers or panels! They’re a great way to add a dash of geekiness to your decor, and they’re all small enough to not break the bank!

Captain America

This Tiffany-style piece is a gorgeous take on Captain America’s shield. Glass might not be as strong as vibranium, but it’s a much better match with the decor.

schoenercreations/Etsy – $50

Poké Ball

It won’t catch any Pokémon, but it might attract the curiosity of a hummingbird or two!

GothicGlassStudio/Etsy – $25


No guarantees that the Avengers will assemble at your place if you put this out, but it’s worth a shot!

WorldofStainedGlass/Etsy – $30

Wonder Woman

This classic-style Wonder Woman panel requires a bit more space, but if you’ve got room, how can you not? If you’re working with less space, we’ve got another Wonder Woman option a little later in this list!

GrayHarlenGlassworks/Etsy – $125

Koroks from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

These cute little guys showed up (frequently!) in the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild — might as well have one of them hiding in your place, too!

NorthwoodGlassworks/Etsy – $37


Somehow, we think Deadpool would enjoy his stint as fine art.

StayGlassyGlass/Etsy – $72

Star Trek

All about intergalactic peace and exploration? Join up with Starfleet!

wistfulfancy/Etsy – $15


OK, so this isn’t what we’d call affordable, but we just had to share this incredible piece featuring the most misunderstood of all Pokémon!

CookieCraftsGB/Etsy – $358.50

Boba Fett

Don’t be surprised if guests start asking whether or not you’ve got carbonite, just in case.

CannonStainedGlass/Etsy – $47.34


Our favorite little water Pokémon gets a super cute stained glass panel!

CastleKeepCrafts/Etsy – $95

Mario Starman

Need to feel invincible?

GlassBrilliance/Etsy – $15


All the charm of Navi, without any of the constant demands that you listen!

stainedglassgeek/Etsy – $90.50

Wonder Woman

Here’s that smaller, more affordable option for Wonder Woman fans that we mentioned before.

wistfulfancy/Etsy – $38

Star Trek

Here’s a more colorful take on the Starfleet insignia!

HandmadebyJoolz/Etsy – $84


The Superman logo was made to be a beautiful stained glass panel!

schoenercreations/Etsy – $70


For Deadpool fans who like things a little darker!

WorldofStainedGlass/Etsy – $30

Star Wars Rebel Symbol

If you think of your garden as a mini Yavin IV, you need this suncatcher (and maybe a few stuffed ewoks).

BewitchedGlass/Etsy – $40


Handy for catching rays, and possibly also handy if you ever need to summon Batman!

stainedglassgeek/Etsy – $84.50


If you’d have asked us before, we would’ve sworn it impossible to make an awesome stained glass panel of a goomba. Clearly, we would’ve been wrong.

stainedglassgeek/Etsy – $109

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