This Artist is Transforming Her Eyes into the Original Pokémon With Makeup

Forget catching Pokémon — these Pokémon are out to catch eyes! Instagram user jasmineitor loves chronicling her Korean beauty projects online, and her Pokémon series has definitely caught our attention! She’s working on creating looks for the original 151, and they’re turning out terrific! We’ve picked out our favorites, but if you love her work too, be sure to check out more on her Instagram page! And, if you want to try out any of these looks, jasmineitor has the full list of products she used for each one on her Instagram pages — links are below all the images!


We love how she included the spoons in this Alakazam look!


The two black dots for Blastoise’s water cannons were a great idea!


The big red dot for Pikachu’s cheeks really makes this look!

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