Rag & Bone is Bringing High Fashion to Star Wars in a Beautiful New Clothing Line

For way too long, we’ve had to be wary about geeky clothing lines — what we usually saw was cool for conventions, but a little much for everyday wear. That’s all been upended. More and more, we’ve seen designers unable to resist the pull of geekdom, and it’s leading to a geeky wear renaissance!

Just check out what Rag & Bone has done. Their Star Wars collection is blasting off on December 1, and it looks stunning from top to bottom. They’ve also got four limited edition tees launching daily from December 1 to December 4, so keep those in your sights, too! No word on prices yet, but being Rag & Bone, they’re not on that Rebel budget. You can start making your wish list now, though — you can check out the whole collection here!

Rag & Bone

Perfect example of why we love this collection — this boho outfit looks like it belongs in a Rebel camp!

Rag & Bone

Here’s a look at the back of that pullover, which looks super comfortable.

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