One Country Has Generated All of Its Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources for 300 Days This Year

There’s been a lot of talk about the world moving toward renewable energy — wind, solar, hydropower, and plenty more — but for the most part, progress has been slow. Generating and storing renewable energy is often expensive compared to limited, non-renewable energy like coal or gas, and that’s made it hard for many countries to go clean.

So, when a success story like Costa Rica comes along, it’s worth checking out! The Central American nation has been known for its commitment to renewable energy for a few years now, with 2017 being their most successful year yet. The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity announced this week that the country has seen 300 days of 2017 so far in which all of the nation’s electricity was supplied by renewable energy. The Costa Rican government has set a target of 2021 to become carbon neutral, an ambitious goal that would put them forward as one of the world’s most prominent renewable energy success stories.

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