Someone Gave Famous Album Covers Star Wars Twists, and It’s Genius

What do the hot albums of a galaxy far, far away look like? Well, Steven Lear is here to tell us. The digital artist is a big Star Wars fan and a big music fan — put those together and you get famous album covers reimagined with Star Wars characters past and present!

What we’ve featured here is just a sampling — you can check out Lear’s Instagram or Facebook for more of his art and album cover mashups, and if you’d like to buy any of these as prints, you can do so at his website!

Why the Long Play Face

A couple of kindred rebel spirits in Luke and the late, great David Bowie.

Why the Long Play Face

One of the newest entries, clearly. This would be from Leia’s immediate post-Alderaan phase.

Why the Long Play Face

No better album cover than Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors for these two, considering the romances in question.

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