Taylor Swift’s Reputation Is the Latest Album to Play With the Hearts of Streamers

Look what the streaming music industry made her do. We all know Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, drops on Friday, but if you’ve been following Taylor at all the past few years, it won’t surprise you to discover that her album won’t be on Spotify on that day — paid account or no.

Big Machine Records

Bloomberg is reporting that the album won’t be on any streaming services at launch, meaning you’ll either need to buy the CD or buy the whole digital album to get an earful from Taylor. The report says that the plan is to delay release on those streaming services by a week, with the admission that it could take longer depending on how individual negotiations go. And, if we know anything, it’s that Taylor won’t stop until she gets hers.

You won’t totally be without the new album if you don’t buy the whole thing, though…

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