Here’s How Tech Is Making Thanksgiving Way Less Stressful

We’ll be the first to admit that technology can easily get in the way of quality holiday times — thanks, smartphones. It’s not all bad, though! Tech has also given us tons of ways to make the kitchen, the place from which all holiday stress emanates, a place of peace. Maybe. Tech can even make post-turkey vegetation a little better! It can also cause family TV control riots. Looking at this list, we’re pretty sure tech is a net positive? Probably. Either way, here’s hoping you have a great Thanksgiving!

Sous vide cooker

We’re starting off fancy! Honestly, this might be the most important tech contribution. Deep frying a turkey is a safety hazard to the cook at best and the neighborhood at worst, and with how big turkeys are now, it seriously takes at least two people to haul a turkey out of the oven without spilling any of the juice in the pan. With a sous vide machine, you just spice up the turkey, seal it up in a plastic bag, stick it in a giant pot of water, and let that sous vide machine cook that turkey to exact perfection. This one from Anova is generally regarded as tops.

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