The Week in Geek – The Doctor’s New Clothes, More Star Wars News, and Disney Going Shopping for the X-Men

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The BBC reveals the 13th Doctor’s outfit, and it’s a wild one

Finding out what the new Doctor is going to be wearing is almost as fun as finding out who the new Doctor is going to be in the first place! Well, maybe that’s not the case this time — don’t think any fashion choices can top how excited we were to learn that Doctor Who was finally getting its first female lead in Jodie Whittaker!

Nonetheless, let’s dig in. After a stretch of pretty tame getups (bow ties aside), it looks like Doctor Who is digging deep into its history and going for zany again. The new Doc is rocking suspenders with super blue (that’s a real shade as far as we’re concerned) pants and brown boots. Add a navy tee with some colorful stripes and a grey coat of a fashion we’ve never seen before, and you’ve got something that will be instantly recognizable in the Doctor Who canon.

Also, it’s only a matter of time before all of that stuff can/will end up in your closet, so we have that to look forward to, too.

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