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The Week in Tech – Sprint and T-Mobile: Will They or Won’t They?

There’s a ton of tech news to get to! Maybe you didn’t get to it all, because who’s got time for that? Well, that’d be us — here are a handful of stories from the week that was that might affect you!

Is the Sprint/T-Mobile merger happening or what?

In the middle of the week, reports were circulating that talks between the parent companies of Sprint and T-Mobile about a possible merger had fallen apart. We even did a whole failed mergers thing to…celebrate?

Might have to put the cork back in the champagne. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that T-Mobile CEO John Legere has restarted talks with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, someone Legere has frequently dissed on Twitter over the years (to be fair, Claure’s far from the only one). Somehow, with the billions of dollars that are on the table, I doubt that the Twitter disses are going to come up too much.

Even if the two sides do agree to the deal, it’ll have to get regulatory approval. That might not be easy, as it would narrow down nationwide carriers in the U.S. to just three — AT&T, Verizon, and whatever Sprint and T-Mobile decide to call themselves. Smobile.

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