These Sometimes Weird, Always Wonderful Gadgets Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter

For some of us, winter means actually having to wear a coat once in a while. Then, there’s the everyone else, who looks at the first group with disdain whenever they so much as speak the word winter. For the first group, enjoy what you call winter. For everyone else, the good gadget makers of the world have been busy making the winter gauntlet a little more tolerable — in sometimes unexpected ways!

Beardo Beaine

Because everyone’s obsessed with beards these days, here’s a beanie that comes with a knit wraparound piece that looks like a beard. Great if you’re not able to grow natural warmth!

Beardo – $40

Zippo Hand Warmer

Looks like a Zippo lighter, and it kinda is — works the same way, but comes with a cover and doesn’t have an open flame. It can be refilled with lighter fluid and should help keep your hands toasty so they don’t stiffen up.

Zippo – $22

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