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Our 4 Favorite Video Games of 2017

We want to celebrate the year that was in video games, and there’s going to be a theme to it this year! In 2017, we clearly saw something that’s been a problem in games for a long time — iterative franchises that bring very little new or innovative to the table with every passing year, unless you count new and innovative ways to wring more money out of players. We’re not huge on games like that, and we’re not huge on multiplayer games that you basically have to play like a job to be able to enjoy — and yes, that’s complete with other players who seem to think they’re your boss yelling at you.

We get that pro gaming is a thing now, and that’s cool, but we still love games as a fun thing to do on the side. All four of our picks this year are just that — fun. This year, we’ll shout out our favorite Nintendo game, our favorite non-Nintendo console game, our favorite PC game, and our favorite mobile game.

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