These Disney Princesses Becoming Warriors Are Exactly What We Need Heading Into 2018

If 2017 taught us one thing, it’s that women trying to make a career in almost any industry have to be warriors, whether they want to be or not. So, if we’re going to head off into 2018 with one last collection of fan art, why not make it a bunch of Disney princesses becoming totally rad warriors?

Finland-based artist Susanna Silván, who goes by Sadyna, created this series, creating an alternate reality where Disney princesses are the mightiest warriors of their lands, with a little inspiration from the Soul Calibur series of fighting games. She even gave them super cool warrior names! We love it, and if you love it too, you should definitely check out more of Sadyna’s work on her Tumblr and Instagram pages!


Alice, the Pillar of Madness, has a Mad Hatter-like getup. Also, she appears to use a flamingo as her primary weapon, which is probably one of the greatest things we’ve seen all year.


Jasmine becomes the Red Tiger, and looks like a way more stylish street thief than Aladdin!

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